Be confident when having your vehicle service by any one of our completely knowledgeable tire professionals! We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of brand name tires at the lowest possible price. Our pledge is to offer you the safest, longest-wearing, best-quality guaranteed tires at a price that can't be beat.


We carry an entire line of brand name tires such as Pirelli, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Dunlop, Firestone, Michelin, UniRoyal, Yokohama, and many other major tire brands.

Guaranteed Low Prices

We stand by our promise of low prices on all of our tires. Passing savings on to you is made possible by our substantial buying powers. Countless hours are spent observing competition and their prices to ensure you receive the lowest price possible. If the tires you choose with us are advertised elsewhere for a price that is less (with comparative services), bring it to our attention; we will beat all competitors, GUARANTEED! That is our price promise to you.


The very best tire balance available is also included with your service. Did you know that some tire shops offer several levels of tire balancing? Best balance provides the most ideal ride, in addition to allowing the most mileage available with your tires.

The tire mounting equipment we use is superior. Rest assured that we can handle all run-flats, as well as wide and low-profile tires. Using the proper wheel weights for your car is also important. Allow wheels are permanently damaged when the wrong wheel weights are used. To avoid this, we use either vehicle-specific wheel weights or stick-on alloy weights.

Tire Maintenance

At Paradise Ford, our Service Department will help you keep your tires repaired, maintained, and working properly. We've also put together these tips to help you care for your tires and quickly identify any problems.

Inflating Your Tires

Get the most out of your tires by keeping them inflated at the right level. First, check the driver's side door jamb or your owner's manual to find the recommended pressure. Once a month, check your tires with a tire pressure gauge and refill if necessary (for the best reading, do this when your car hasn't been driven for at least three hours). Failing to keep your tires properly inflated could wear them down prematurely and affect your vehicle's fuel economy and performance, so don't overlook this step.

Inspecting Your Tires

As your tires age, the tread will wear away. Every so often, stick a penny in the tread of each tire. If you can see Lincoln's head sticking out, this could indicate that you need to replace your tires. You'll also want to keep an eye out for any other tire damage. When you check your tire pressure each month, also scan your tires for scrapes, punctures, bulges or any other serious blemishes. If you think you've identified any problems, bring your vehicle to Paradise Ford and we'll be happy to check the tires for you.

Rotating Your Tires

Increase your tires' lifespan by scheduling regular tire rotations at Paradise Ford. Rotating the tires keeps the tread from wearing unevenly. Even tread wear ensures that your tires will continue to grip the pavement effectively - and that your car will handle the way it's supposed to. Typically, tires should be rotated every 5,000-7,000 miles, but check the owner's manual to find specific recommendations for your vehicle.

By following these easy maintenance tips, you'll help your tires last longer, save money on repairs, and enjoy more efficient performance from your vehicle.

Buying tires from us will ensure your tires are rotated and balanced when necessary. That way, you'll save some time, as there is no need for you to make an extra trip to the tire store. We'll take care of the rotation and balancing when your car comes in for regular scheduled maintenance. Be sure to also check out our other service and parts specials.